I'm sure many of you have noticed that I like posting about food.  Whether it be a recipe or a tutorial, the Kitchen section on this site is my favourite.  I've been debating setting up another site just for that, or revamping Homespooled to sort of highlight that section, making it easier to navigate.  Well, since has been named one of the Top 100 Food Blogs to Follow in 2013 by (#95), option 2 seems pretty obvious! Why change a good thing, right?

Check out the infographic below and explore some food blogs you never heard of!   May I suggest Happy Herbivore at #14? She's been one of my favourites for a long time :)

So you know the moment (or the various moments throughout your lifetime) that you realize you've been living under a rock?  There are different ways to reside under rocks.  It could be that you put that rock there on purpose to avoid knowing about certain things you may find annoying.  Like the latest What's Up!? about One Direction or the Biebs.  OR, it could be a big, fat, Surprise! rock that make you say HOLY CRAP!! And leaves you feeling old, behind the times, left out, stupid or all of the above.

Well, I had me a surprise rock a few weeks ago.  And let me tell you, it was a doozy.  For those of you who don't know me, I'm a little obsessed with books.  A little.  And by a little, I mean not a little.  A lot.  You see, I started to read full novels on a regular basis when I was 9 years old.  Since that time, I've read every single day, at any time of day, and always before bed time, even on a night that I have one, two or six drinks.  If I'm having a lazy day, I'll sit in a chair and read for most of it.  If I'm having a hard week, am stressed out or sad, you can find me at Chapters or Bay Used Books (a local used book store that I've adored since I was very young).  New (or new to me) books make me happy.

I have four bookshelves in my living room (I get away with it because Señor has a giant foosball table in there too) containing all different genres from comics to resource materials.  Over the holidays, I reorganized some of these (this was the time we added the fourth bookshelf to the existing three) and decided it would be a good idea to log the books I own.  When I do go to Chapters, or Bay's I like to have a list with me of books that I want, or need to complete a set.  Since there are so many, I often forget some, or don't quite remember what book I'm up to in a series.
So I took out my tablet, started a document called Book List and began listing the books I own in order of the author's last name.  This is actually fun to have because I can flag a book that's been lent out and specify to whom and on what date.  Also, when I'm done reading a book and it's time to make the horrible difficult decision on what to read next, I now ask Señor to choose a number between one and whatever number my list goes up to, and if it's a book I have yet to read, that's the winner!  (I've actually made 3 separate documents: one for novels, fiction and non, one for comics and graphic novels and one for reference books.)

When book hunting, I often Google things like: best dystopian novels of all time, or must-read classics, things like that.   Recently, I've noticed more and more of the results coming from  I didn't really look into this too much, I just checked out the books on the lists and moved on.  Then, during my vacation, on about January 2nd, I was at Bay's browsing through some titles when I overheard a discussion between the store clerk and a customer.  It's not like I was eavesdropping or anything, but the woman was speaking quite loudly and I just couldn't help but overhear.

They were talking about Fifty Shades of Grey and how horribly written they thought it was.  The customer mentioned how she has a lot of friends who once they start a book, HAVE to finish it.  She said that she didn't have that problem.  There were so many books she wanted to read that she just didn't bother on a book that she knew she wouldn't like from the first little bit.  Then she made mention to the reviews Fifty Shades received on Goodreads.  There it was again!  What the hell is Goodreads

When I got home, I added my new books to my Book List and then remembered that I wanted to check out Goodreads. WELL. This was a living-under-a-rock moment if I've ever had one.  I'm a knitter and a total slave to (Anyone who knits or crochets and doesn't know what Ravelry is? Kaboom!! I totally just busted up your Ravelry Rock.).  Goodreads is like that but for books!! You can list all your books, you can review them, check out reviews on other books, organize your books into shelves and check off books you want to read later...needless to say I spent about 2 straight days organizing my Goodreads page.  I. Love. It.

So, for everyone who already knew about Goodreads, shame on you for not telling me about it sooner!  For those who didn't, go check it the f*** out, it is going to BLOW YOUR MIND.  Oh and while you're at it, add me as a friend!  My username is KrystelDallas :)

I wonder how many more rocks I'm living under?
Okay, three cakes in a row!? You betcha!  Last one, I swear! (for now)  A friend of mine had a themed birthday party this past Friday to celebrate her "Great 28!"  The theme was 90s.  At first I was a little dumbfounded.  Nothing in the 90s really stood out, did it?  I think that was just my mommy brain being completely ridiculous.  In the 90s I went from being 5yrs old to 15yrs old.   Clearly, a million fads and styles came and went during that time.  It just took a little Googling for me to remember what they were.  Let me tell you, when I started realizing what they were, all the memories came flooding back.

Another cake already!!  This one was made for my now 3-year-old-obsessed-with-TMNT-and-that's-awesome.  His birthday falls between Xmas and New Year's, so I like to do something extra special for him (cause you know, a whole week of presents isn't enough, hahaha).