So, last weekend, Señor and I hosted American Thanksgiving.  This wasn't your average American Thanksgiving, however it was not a family affair but rather a gathering of friends.  Also, we're Canadian (which is why I keep typing American before Thanksgiving :P).  It all started last year when Señor and I were re-watching some old episodes of How I Met Your Mother and happened upon the "Slapsgiving" episode.

About a month ago, I had a birthday.  I turned 28.  I never really did anything big for my birthday before...even when I turned 19 (legal drinking age in Ontario).  So I decided to throw myself a party this year.  I invited a bunch of friends to go bowling.  Three games and a few pitchers later, we all headed to my house for some more fun.  See, I had a surprise planned.  A surprise which led to these: