Do you like wine?  I like wine.  There are so many screw top bottles now though that when I get one with a cork, I get pretty excited that I get to use my fancy cork screw.  And I always keep the corks...unless the removal process destroys them of course.

I recently used some of those corks to make great looking gift tags.  (Even though the gifts I gave with them guessed, you can use these on any gift.  That's what I'll be doing come December!

When I was a teenager I always wore a piece of jewelry or two, or six or seven.  You could count on one of those pieces being made of hemp, whether it be a bracelet, anklet or necklace.  I had a huge stash of hemp jewelry.  I can remember watching movies or hanging out with friends, all the while knotting up a new piece.

Homemade play dough can be used in many ways.  Using it to make beads is fun, easy and cheap!   Those big center beads and pendants are expensive, especially when being used by children.  Having them make their own will make them even more proud of the jewelry they make, and will make them eager to use them!

Kids are often fighting over space on the fridge to post their artwork.  They fight even more when it comes to who gets to use which magnet.  The solution?  Have them make their own magnets and they'll definitely not fight over which one they get to use anymore.  Especially when it comes to Justin Bieber (don't judge me)and Spiderman...

A really good way to keep your kids busy and out of your way for a while is to pull out the most basic combination of craft items.  When you have a complicated project for them to do, they're going to need your help and depending on the materials, they may also require constant supervision.   Whether it's to get some housework done, or just to freaking relax for a little while, every now and then it's nice to have them entertain themselves.  A craft they can do themselves is the best way if what you need is for them to leave you alone for a bit.  It will keep them busy enough that they're not going to think to fight over some toy and make you play referee or whine that they're bored. 

A go-to project for us is Pipe Cleaner Jewelry.  All you need is pipe cleaners and beads.  Make sure the beads are large enough so that they can easily pick them up without sending them flying everywhere.  Big colourful beads can easily be spotted if they fall on the ground and are easy clean-up for little ones if they do.    And if your little one is a REALLY little one, make sure they're past the point of putting everything in their mouth and that they know that beads aren't candy. 

I am swimming in thread. I tried organizing all of my spools by colour into zip lock bags, then in a box, but it was too hard to get to them all.   And I didn't want to spend the $$ on one of those special thread organizers.  Plus to find one big enough for my stash would have cost too much and would have taken up too much space.  I don't have an office or a place to display these types of things, so I needed to find something that could be a space saver as well.  Something I could just neatly store away when not in use.  Then on a shopping trip to Michaels, I noticed that all of the scrapbook organizers were on sale.   Plus I had one of those 40% off coupons they have every week.  I don't know which containers are made for what in the scrapbooking world, so I just looked for something to serve my purpose.  This is what I found: