So I've told you about the cake I made for my friends' wedding.  Well, here's how the wedding went down...for Señor and I anyway...

ONCE UPON A TIME in a Canadian town, there was a beautiful bride in a pretty white gown. She held her groom's hands, as they said I do, in front of friends and family and co-workers too.

As they were leaving to take pictures arm in arm, what disaster would strike but the fire alarm!

While the humid weather was making my hair look like a mop, the wedding party turned the mishap into a photo op.
They let us back in so we could get some booze, Señor in his math tie, and me in my new red shoes.

We took our places as the real fun began, had dinner, heard speeches and watched the first dance.

Although lovely tea cups were our party favours, t'was the wine, not the tea, that we chose to savour.

As a result of that smooth Chardonnay, on the dance floor we were rockin' away.

There was spillage, self-portraits and lots of laughter, and complete disregard for how we would feel the morning after.

When the groom had the time to make his round to us, he showed off his new moustache and his awesome, embroidered tux.
At the end of the night, we went home plastered, and allowed these two to live HAPPILY EVER AFTER.


06/04/2012 12:06pm

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06/13/2013 1:53am

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10/21/2013 2:29pm

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