A couple of weeks ago, my allergies came back full force.  So I figured if I was going to be spending so much time with my tissue box, it may as well get a little dressed up...
Plastic canvas, cut to 5 pieces:
- 4 pieces cut to 30squares x 34 squares (approx. 4 1/2" x 5 1/8") (sides)
- 1 piece cut to 30squares x 30 squares (approx. 4 1/2" x 4 1/2") (top piece)
Square tissue box
Black & Yellow yarn
Embroidery needle
Downloadable pdf Chart pattern (below)
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2. Following the technique shown in the Homer Simpson Needlepoint, begin with the yellow squares of the chart (all of the white squares of the chart will be done with black yarn) to form the bat symbol on all 4 side pieces of plastic canvas.  Notice -------->
3. After the yellow is done on all 4 sides, fill in all other squares with black stitches.  Again, I changed the direction of some of the stitches to accommodate the curves of the bat symbol.  Leave the edges bare.
1.  Cut a hole in the 30x30 square top piece of plastic canvas big enough to accommodate the opening of your tissue box.  I cut mine to leave 4 squares on 2 of the opposing edges, and 6 squares on each of the other opposing edges.
I leaned my stitches towards the right on the top-left and bottom-right sections of the canvas and then to the right on the top-right and bottom-left sections, to give the appearance of a more rounded edge.   When doing this, at the squares in the middle where the direction changed, it left a little gap where the canvas was showing a bit.  To cover this up, I added an extra loop of yarn going vertically between the two stitches.
4. Complete the inner edge of the top piece of canvas.  Thread a length of black yarn though some of the yarn on the underside of the top piece, near a corner.  Don't pull all the way through; leave the end tucked under the yarn you pulled it through.  Complete the edge the way as shown in the Homer Simpson Needlepoint.

5. Secure all of the edge pieces to the top piece by seaming them all together the same way you would finish a regular edge, but by going through two squares at the same time (top piece + side piece) instead of just the one square.  Make sure the bat symbol is facing up!
6. Complete all the corners by securing the sides of each piece together in the same way you completed step 5.
Fill it with a tissue box and enjoy as your friends and family express their feelings of jealousy...over Kleenex... 


01/06/2013 4:59pm

Thank you so much, this is just what my little boy wants. Well I made him a minecraft dirt block box for Christmas and his Dad got a Mario bros. tissue cover and he asked if I would make him a tissue cover too and is obsessed with lego batman right now so this is perfect.

Krystel @ Homespooled
01/07/2013 2:59pm

That's awesome! I hope you have fun making it, it's the perfect multi-tasking project! (as in kicking back with a project, a movie and a glass of wine or cocoa :))

05/28/2013 9:50pm

This canvas is 7 count right?

Krystel @ Homespooled
05/29/2013 9:20am

Yes it is :)

01/10/2014 10:55am

Thanks for sharing the pattern!

02/05/2014 1:19am

Making it right now! Thanks!! My nephew is going to LOVE this!! And my best friend is already begging me to make her one lol


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