So, a little over a year ago, I made lingerie cookies for a friend's 30th birthday party.  They were a HUGE hit, especially with the boys.  So when Señor announced that he would be hosting a bachelor party for a friend of ours last weekend, I thought what better contribution for me to make than boobs and bums!
Your favourite sugar cookie recipe
Rolling pin
Heart shaped cookie cutters (one large and one smaller)
A paring knife
Royal icing or your favourite decrating icing recipe
Piping bags, tips and couplers
Food colouring
1. The boobs and bums will be made using the smaller heart shaped cookie cutter.  Cut as many as you need and lay then out on your cookie sheet.
2. With the paring knife, remove the point at the bottom of the heart.  I like to remove a little more for the bums, and leave the cookie a little longer for the boob cookies. 
3. To make the corsets, cut out heart shaped using the larger cookie cutter.  Then with the same cookie cutter, cut out side sections as shown below for the waist.

4. Use your finger to smooth out the points at the top part of the corset and shape it how you want, then with the paring knife, remove the point at the bottom of the cookie.

5.  Bake the cookies as instructed in your recipe.
6. While the cookies are baking and cooling, I like to draw out what designs I will make on the cookies.  I try to keep the colours simple and few.  Next to the sketch of each cookie, I write out what colours are needed and which one I will need more of.  This way when it comes to separating the icing and adding colour later, you are less likely to run out of a certain colour. (You can ice the cookies the next day, or the same day you baked them, as long as they've had enough time to cool completely.

I also like to write out which number of tip I will require for the different colours.  When smaller details are required, you will need to use a smaller tip.  Whereas the icing you will use to fill the cookie can be applied with a larger tip, or even a plastic bottle, as shown in the pictures below.

7. Take out all of the tools you will be using to decorate.  If you don't have a piping bag stand, prep a few tall glasses by stuffing damp paper towels in the bottom of them.   This will keep the icing in the very tips of the bags from drying up and will make clean up a little easier.
8. To prepare the bags for piping, stuff the bottom part of a coupler into the tip of the bag, then snip off the point of the bag about 1/4" ahead of the coupler.  Place a tip over the bag and couple and then screw on the top part of the coupler to secure it.  (This isn't how Wilton and professional decorators recommend doing it, but it's always worked for me and is a little quicker and less annoying :))
9. Place the bag tip down into one of the prepared cups and turn the opening of it over the edges.

10. Begin mixing the first colour of icing.  You really want to try a judge how much you will need of each colour because if you need to mix more of that colour later on, it will not be possible to match the shade exactly.  Once the icing has reached the desired colour, you need to test for thickness.  You can refer to my post on Superhero Cookies for more details on testing thickness.  What you want is a thicker icing for the outlines, and a thinner icing to fill in the cookie.   To keep the colour consistent, right after mixing make sure your icing is on the thicker side.  Then remove about 1/4 of it (depending on your notes and how many details you need that colour for, of course) and put it in the prepared piping bag.   To thicken up an icing that is too thin simply add a little icing sugar to it.
11. To thin out that thick icing, add some water, a few drops at a time, until it has reached a thin enough consistency to easily and evenly spread out on the cookie.  Put this thinner icing in a separate piping bag (or in a plastic squeeze bottle).

12. Continue doing this with each required colour.  Once you've filled a bag, twist it shut above the icing being careful not to squeeze the icing out, and tie an elastic around it to secure it.  Wilton makes ties specifically for this, but a regular elastic can work just as well.

13. If you happen to be using white as one of your decorating colours, keep in mind that decorating icings are never truly white on their own.  They are noticeable off-white, especially when dry.  You can find white food colouring next to the other colours at most stores.  It's not necessary but it does make the white stand out that much more on the cookie.
14.  I like to do all the outlines for one style of cookie first, then fill those in before moving on to the other styles.  Some details should be added as a second layer of icing, after the first has had time to harden up.  In my case, it was the bows and the final outlines.  And in some cases, like the leopard print cookies, you want to add those details while the fill icing is still wet, so that they sink into it rather than lay on top.
15. To make the leopard print pattern, use black and brown icings in bags fitted with small tips.  Start with the black and make broken circle shapes, as shown in the picture below (left).  Then add a brown dot to the center of the broken circle (below right).
16.  Add any finishing touches like bows, outlines or even a little kiss on the cheek (using a food colouring pen, or a small, clean paintbrush dipped in food colouring).  Let all the icing dry completely and store cookies in a sealed container.
I really don't make cookies that often.  But when I do, I like to plan ahead.  I know exactly which details will go on each cookie and in what order.  I know which style of cookies to start with (typically the ones that will require drying time before a 2nd layer of icing is added for detailing) and which ones will need to be done quickly before the first layer of icing dries up!

Still with all my planning, about 3 or 4 cookies didn't make it to the bachelor party...not because I got hungry, but because my unsteady hand caused them to have wardrobe malfunctions!


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I love your idea of cookies,and decorations are owesome,I am going to make some,thanks,and keep on baking.......

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