So, last weekend, Señor and I hosted American Thanksgiving.  This wasn't your average American Thanksgiving, however it was not a family affair but rather a gathering of friends.  Also, we're Canadian (which is why I keep typing American before Thanksgiving :P).  It all started last year when Señor and I were re-watching some old episodes of How I Met Your Mother and happened upon the "Slapsgiving" episode.
We both had pretty much the same idea...why not have a Thanksgiving feast with our friends too?  Well, with Canadian Thanksgiving fast approaching, we mentioned the idea to a few friends to learn that this just wouldn't happen.  Everyone was so busy with family dinners, it just wasn't meant to be.  But then, I thought, Lily and Marshall weren't hosting Canadian Thanksgiving...they were hosting American Thanksgiving!  There's no reason Señor and I couldn't do the same in honor of our neighbors to the south!  After all, us Canadians do take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals as well, why not celebrate the holiday that precedes them? 
So, I prepared a traditional Thanksgiving feast, and hosted 10 of our friends to a very fun night.  That evening was so successful that last Saturday (we all had to work Friday so a Thursday celebration was out of the question) we hosted our 2nd annual American Thanksgiving!  This year we made a few changes.  Everything (with the exception of the meat for the carnivores - which was everyone except for me) was vegan.  From the gravy and mashed potatoes to the cupcakes and pies...vegan. 
I totally cheated and used frozen pre-made pie shells and canned pie filling for these...whatever, everything else was made from scratch!

Now, last year, I had bought two turkeys when they'd gone on sale after Canadian Thanksgiving: one for American Thanksgiving and one for X-mas.  I didn't do that this time.  I didn't cook a Turkey in October this year; my parents took care of that knowing my reservations about it.  So I didn't think to get one on sale following our holiday, especially since the meat section of the grocery store is something I avoid altogether.  So the week before our big dinner this year, Señor and I were on a mission to find a turkey.  They were $40!!  I just couldn't bring myself to do it (and neither could Señor).  So Señor chose a small chicken and a porketta roast and we served that instead.  (Lucky for me a friend was ready to the preparation of these and another was quick to check for doneness and take care of the carving.) 
Another thing that differed this year from last was that this year, we added a  theme to the night.  You see, a few months back, I had a birthday party for my daughter at a local ranch.  I ordered a bunch of really cool party favors following a cowboy theme for her and her friends but, they didn't arrive until after the party!! So the day before her party (which was a Friday so I knew there no chance in getting that package delivered on time) I went out to find whatever I could in local shops that could suit the theme.  That turned out okay, but a few days later when I received a giant box full of children's party favors...
Señor and I waiting for our guests to arrive :) ↑
I thought what the hell am I going to do with these?? I called the company I'd  ordered them from and they told me what I already knew, they charged a fee for returns and I would have to pay the duty charges that would results from the  return.  So I kept the damn box and put it in my cold storage until I could find something to do with it.   When I started the plans for our 2nd annual American Thanksgiving I thought this could work!  Adults like party bags too...right?  So I made our party a cowboy theme and threatened that those not taking part in the theme simply wouldn't be given a party bag!  So show up, dressed up they
The meal was great, the company even better.  Following out dinner we played some Catch Phrase, some Win Lose or Draw (the 1988 version lol - it's hard!), had ourselves a little dance party to some old new millennium videos (did I just say old in reference to the new millennium?) aaaaaannnnddd....remember those hand painted shot glasses?  Well we used  'em! 
(Some of the recipes I used to make this dinner are my Vegan Spinach Dip, Vegan Pumpernickel Bread & Creamy Vegan Caesar Dressing!)


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