Okay, three cakes in a row!? You betcha!  Last one, I swear! (for now)  A friend of mine had a themed birthday party this past Friday to celebrate her "Great 28!"  The theme was 90s.  At first I was a little dumbfounded.  Nothing in the 90s really stood out, did it?  I think that was just my mommy brain being completely ridiculous.  In the 90s I went from being 5yrs old to 15yrs old.   Clearly, a million fads and styles came and went during that time.  It just took a little Googling for me to remember what they were.  Let me tell you, when I started realizing what they were, all the memories came flooding back.
I was told by the husband of the birthday girl (these are the people I made the Quilted One-Tier Wedding Cake for, btw) that she named trolls in a list of things from the 90s that she loved.  So, having kept some of my own troll dolls from that era, I decided right away that one would top the cake

As for decorating the cake itself, I was inspired by all the Lisa Frank stationary and accessories that I, and every other young girl at the time, had or desperately wanted.

One 8" x 3" round cake, baked
One 5" x 3" round cake, baked
Buttercream frosting in the flavour of your choice
White fondant
Gel food colouring in: Teal, Pink, Orange, Yellow and Purple
A ruler
Cookie cutters in the following shapes: flower, star (2 sizes), heart and small circle
A Troll Doll

1. Slice the rounded top off both cakes, to flatten them out a bit.

2. Place a toothpick approximately one inch up from the bottom of the cake and then another, an inch above that, so that the cake is evenly spaced to be divided into three layers.

3. To make even layers without any fancy tools, (anybody else think it's time for me to get one those things??) place a series of toothpicks along the edge of the cake where the layer needs to be cut and use them as your guide to create three layers, in each cake.
4. Protect the board that you will be making the cake on with parchment paper or wax paper by placing strips of it, covering each side (this is for when you're done icing the cake, you can just slide the strips from under the cake).

5. Place the bottom layer of the larger cake onto the board and spread a layer of buttercream on it.  Repeat this step with the middle layer of the larger cake. 

6. Place the top layer of the larger cake upside down onto the stack so that the top of the whole thing is very flat.  (Look at the cake from eye level before applying more buttercream to ensure that the top is indeed flat.  If it's not, even it out before adding more icing.)

7. Cover the whole thing with buttercream.
8. Remove the parchment/wax paper strips from beneath the cake and remove any extra crumbs that may have fallen.

9. Colour a piece of fondant teal, and cover the larger cake.

10. Repeat steps 5 - 7 with the smaller cake.
11. Colour a piece of fondant purple and cover the small cake.  When trimming off the excess fondant for this cake, leave about 1/2" - 1" of extra fondant along the bottom edge.  Cut out small triangles a few inches apart along this edge, as shown below. (Set aside the trimmed off fondant to use later as decoration later.)

12. Tuck the edge under the cake, smoothing it out as you go (so that it doesn't look all lumpy like mine does here :P).
13. Colour small pieces of fondant yellow, orange and pink.

14. Roll the trimmed off purple fondant into a long strip.  Use the ruler to create a 1" band that will go all the way around the large teal cake.  Apply it to the cake using either buttercream frosting or vegetable shortening as your glue (I prefer to use shortening).

15. Sit the smaller purple cake on top of the larger teal cake, centered.  You can use a pole to stick through the larger cake and to set the smaller one atop so that they can't be moved, but I like to just sit them one on top of the other.  (In this case, when it came time to cut the cake, the birthday girl wrapped up the small purple cake and kept in the fridge for herself and her husband for the week and we just cut the bottom larger one for the guests.)

16. Repeat #14 with the orange fondant, but make the strip to fit around the purple cake.  Apply it using buttercream or shortening.

17. Next, roll out the remaining orange fondant, along with the yellow and pink pieces. 

18. Use the large star cookie cutter to make a yellow star.  Apply this to the very top center of the cake using buttercream or shortening (and continue to apply in this fashion with all subsequent shapes).

19. Cut out 7 smaller stars and apply these to the top edge of the larger cake, evenly spaced.

20. Use the heart shaped cookie cutter to make 4 pink hearts and 3 orange ones.  Apply these to the purple band at the very bottom of the cake, between where the stars are above them, alternating colours.

21. Use the flower shaped cookie cutter to make 5 pink flowers.  Then use the small circle cutter to make 5 yellow dots.  Apply the pink flowers, evenly spaced, to the orange band on the purple cake.  Then place a yellow dot on the center of each flower.

22. Finally, stand the troll on top of the cake!  (No need to secure him with anything. Trolls have big feet.)
Like, I said, this was a 90s themed party.  That means we got to dress up!  So I went to Urban Planet to look for something inexpensive that I could turn into a 90s costume...and what I discovered was shocking!!! The 90s are back ppl! I mean, there were denim shirts, sleeveless collared shirts with tails at the front to tie up, army print everything, houndstooth patterned was amazing. 

The best find?  These red plaid pants that totally reminded me of Gwen Stefani in the Spiderwebs video.  Although I didn't do the bangs quite the same, I managed to pull together a pretty solid outfit.  And look! I found Wenda! 


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