Another cake already!!  This one was made for my now 3-year-old-obsessed-with-TMNT-and-that's-awesome.  His birthday falls between Xmas and New Year's, so I like to do something extra special for him (cause you know, a whole week of presents isn't enough, hahaha).
One 10" x 3" round cake, baked and cooled
Two 8" x 3" round cakes, baked and cooled
Buttercream frosting
White Fondant
Gel food colours in green, black and red (or blue, purple or orange depending on which ninja turtle you are making)
A sharp non-serrated knife
Vegetable shortening
Butter knife
1. Slice all 3 cakes in half horizontally to create 6 layers.  If you don't have one of those fancy doo-dads to help you make it even and you don't generally have a steady hand when it comes to these things, insert toothpicks along the mid-edge of each cake to serve as your guide.
2. Trim the rounded top of the larger cake and of ONE of the smaller cakes to flatten them out a bit.  Leave one of the smaller cake tops rounded to serve at the very top of the turtle head.

3. Place the bottom layer of the larger round cake on the cake board.  I like to place pieces of parchment paper under the cake in strips, so that are easily removed without having to lift the cake.  This helps with clean-up a little later on.

4. Spread a small amount of buttercream frosting over this first layer of cake, then put the top half of the larger cake on top of it, face-down.  Spread a small amount of buttercream on top of that layer (and each subsequent layer).

5. Place the bottom layer of one of the smaller cakes on top of the first two layers.  Make it so that it is placed more towards the back of the larger circle, as shown below.  Add the top layer of the smaller cake (which was trimmed in step 2) face-down as the 4th layer, then top the whole thing off with the rounded layer of small cake.  You'll have one layer of cake that is unused.

6. Trim the very top of the cake, as well as the 2nd layer from the bottom (top section of large cake) so that the edges are rounded out.  If any large pieces crumble off here, stick them back to the cake using buttercream frosting.

7.  Using some cake you trimmed off, or if there are no pieces big enough, the unused layer of cake, create a bump over the 2nd layer of cake that sticks out, where the nose will be under the mask.
8. Spread buttercream over the whole thing.

9. Colour a large piece of fondant green.  Roll it out and lay it over the cake.  Use shortening to smooth it over the rounded edges, removing air pockets under the surface.

10. Trim off the excess fondant around the bottom and with the blunt end of a butter knife, tuck the edge slighter under the cake.
11. Colour a small piece of fondant red (or blue, purple or orange) and roll it out to a thin long strip, making sure it is long enough to wrap around the top part of the cake.  With the sharp knife, shape the strip as shown in the first picture below.  Apply the strip to the cake using either buttercream or shortening (I've found that shortening can sometimes work better).
12. Combine the trimmings from the red fondant and roll out again.  You want to carve a triangle and two short strips with pointed ends to form the knot at the back of the turtle's head.  Place the strips over the triangle as shown below and fold in the corners of the triangle to create the "knot".   Then with buttercream or shortening, stick the whole piece to the back of the turtle head where the first strip you put overlaps.
13. Roll out a piece of white fondant over icing sugar so that it is not at all sticky.  Fold the fondant over itself so that you have two layers.  Carve out a side of the mouth/teeth (below-left) and a shape for the eyes (below-right).  By doubling up the fondant, you only have to crave out one of each the mouth and the eye and they will be symmetrical.

14. Apply the mouth and the white of the eyes to the face of the turtle using buttercream or shortening, shaping them to look the way you want.
15. Colour a very small amount of fondant black.  Using a small cookie cutter or bottle cap, make two small circles. Trim the top off each circle and apply them to the white of the eyes, shaping them as you want.

16. Use a small amount of the white fondant trimmings to create the small inner circles of the eyes, as shown below, and apply them to the black.
17.  Using the side of a toothpick, carve indents into the mouth area to create the illusion of teeth.

18.  If you want, using a black food decorating pen, or some black gel colour at the end of the toothpick, trace the indents to define the teeth.
19. Pinch the headband a little between the eyes, clean it off and you're done!

20.  Watch as your toddler gives you a look or horror as you serve him his favourite character's head on a platter and slice into it for all to enjoy!
This cake was pretty quick to make.  It may be because I'm gaining may be because I half-assed it in a crazy awesome way.  Either way, this could be a sign of things to come!


01/18/2013 3:30pm

This is amazing! My boys would flip for this ;)

04/09/2013 8:29pm

I LOVE this! I just made Leonardo for my son's birthday, and is was a HIT! Especially slicing into it to see his "brains"! I couldn't find an 8x3 pan anywhere, so I downsized to a 6x2 and 8x2, and had great results for my family size. Thank you!

04/09/2013 10:29pm

Awesome! Glad it was a hit. I guess any size would work really, so long as you have two pans about a size apart and some basic carving skills! lol. My other son has a bday coming up...I'm thinking mini turtle heads? Sort of cake pop style but not on a stick. So...cake balls? hahaha. Or perhaps some TMNT cookies...

04/12/2013 1:43am

This looks amazing! Just wondering how you got those colours? I've tried colouring fondant and it never comes out that good. My son loves TMNT too, so will have to have a go at doing this

04/12/2013 9:56am

Thanks Jess! I use Wilton gel food colouring. The gel colours don't change the texture of the fondant so you just keep adding until you've reached the desired colour. Also, I find that as the fondant rests once it's on the cake, the colour gets a little brighter. I always start out with a little, but with the gel colours, I'm not afraid to add more!! These are the ones (but I'm sure any gel colour would do):

04/20/2013 8:47am

This cake looks awesome!!! ...I would love to attempt to make this for my son's 5th birthday... Question: how many cake boxes did it take to make this cake?? Please let me know..

Thank you

04/22/2013 9:29am

I can't tell you for sure how many because I made the cake from scratch. I would probably have to say about 4 boxes, but it would depend on the sizes of cake pans you use (I used a 10" and an 8", but you could easily use an 8" and a 6".) You'll need two 1" - 1.5" layers of the bottom larger cake, and then two 1" - 1.5" layers of the smaller top cake plus one 2" layer of the smaller top cake. So you'll be baking 3 cakes - one very large bottom cake, that you will cut in half to create two layers, and two of the smaller top cakes - one that you will cut in half to create 2 layers and the other that will stay in one piece and be carved to from the top of the head. I like to bake thinner layers to stack as opposed to huge cakes that I need to saw in half. This also prevents over/underbaking. So all in all, it's a lot of cake! hahaha I would suggest to buy more than you need just in case and to leave room for error. Hope this helped, if you have any other questions let me know :)

07/29/2013 6:57am

I am going to attempt to make this for my nephews birthday. I just wanted to clarify something first. At the top, it says to cut all 3 cakes in half to create 6 layers (one won't be used). But, here it says to cut 2 cakes in half to create 4 layers and keep one together to carve to create the head.

Could you please let me know which is the best way to go about it? Thanks for this great idea!

Krystel @ Homespooled
07/29/2013 8:13am

Hi Jen, sorry, for some reason it's letting me reply directly to your message. Hope this works! lol. So what I meant there is that you will trim both of the smaller cakes horizontally in half. (The two full cakes as the top of the head will be too high and just the one cake alone isn't high enough - but of course this all depends on how much your cakes rise) One full (smaller) cake will be layered on top of the bigger cake. When you do that, the very top part of a cake is normally trimmed to square it off so that it sits well between layers. So what I mean when I say that you leave one layer rounded, is don't square off the top of one of them after it's baked. Just slice it in half and grab that top rounded layer as the very top of the turtle head. (The reason why I say to cut layers in half and layer them with icing in between - as opposed to just leaving them whole and piling one on top of the other, which you can totally do, is so that you get more icing in each bite. With fondant cakes, there isn't as much icing surrounding the cake, so I compensate by creating extra layers.) So hopefully I've answered your question. Slice both smaller cakes in half. To make it simple, use the bottom halves as the two first layers since they're already squared off, and then top those off with one of the top layers, which is already rounded :)

07/13/2013 4:00pm

How much would u charge that cake.?

Krystel @ Homespooled
07/13/2013 8:56pm

I would charge $100 for this cake, because of the size of this particular one :)

07/14/2013 9:48am

That's awesome!! I made it but smaller 8 & 6 in pan. Thank u for posting ur instruction Big help.

01/10/2014 4:25am

How do you get the finish so shiny on the cake, I am always left with residue of flour/icing sugar from pinning the icing out?


Krystel @ Homespooled
01/10/2014 7:35am

There are two ways to get it shiny. First, when you're rubbing the fondant down onto your cake to seal it down and remove air bubbles, rub some vegetable shortening on your hands first. I usually do that when the air is a little dryer and fondant risks cracking at the corners of the cake. With shortening, you can still touch the cake afterwards and easily make changes/additions. The second way is to wipe off as much icing sugar asyou can and then use a garment steamer to gently steam the cake (from about 6" away). This will make the fondant VERY shiny but be careful not to touch it afterwards as it will also soften the fondant. If steaming, make sure your cake looks exactly the way you want it to before as moving any fondant pieces will leaves marks in the fondant that you can't undo, only cover up. Hope that helps :)

07/29/2013 12:45pm

how many servings do you think this is with a
10inch a the 8 inch cake ... would this be enough for about 20 people
12-15 kids and the rest adults

Krystel @ Homespooled
07/29/2013 6:28pm

It would definitely be enough, maybe even seconds for a few ppl :) It's a big cake. I would say that even if you did an 8" base with a 6" top there would be enough for 20 ppl :)

07/29/2013 7:57pm

thank you so much I was going to make it even bigger a 14 and a 10 inch

Krystel @ Homespooled
07/30/2013 8:59am

LOL. Well because of the height of the cake, the pieces are cut a little thinner. That's why it'll serve so many. You can certainly go with the larger size and have dessert ready for the week!! :) My kids love when I do that, hahaha.

09/03/2013 7:20pm

This is awesome!!! i'm going to attempt this for my sons 5th Bday. i have a couple Q's. do u make your own fondant or do you buy it? if you make it could u recommend a recipe? also would any choc. cake recipe work or do u use something more like a pound cake? Thanks for your time!!:)

Krystel @ Homespooled
09/04/2013 2:59pm

I usually buy Wilton's ready-made fondant. It's vegan and easy to use. (Marshmallows aren't vegan so we don't use them to make our own fondant). As for the cake, any recipe will do :) Just as long as it's not an overly delicate cake.

09/08/2013 2:06am

i made this tonight and it turn awesome!!!! thanks for sharing your amazing idea!:)

10/28/2013 7:36am

Thank u so much for this fantastic step-by-step. I will try to do it this week for my daughters friend. I hope I will make it....

11/02/2013 2:16am

Hi, I really like the look of that cake and I will try to make it for my nephews birthday tomorrow. I am a beginner in this so I would like to hear if you have a recipe for the Buttercream frosting and the White Fondant? I hope for an answer very quickly as I need to go shopping for this cake soon :-)

11/02/2013 10:12pm

i bought the wiltons fondant as suggested. i think that i only bought one pkg and that was JUST enough(had to spend extra time prerolling and measuring before i tinted them because i was worried i might run out) i also use the wilton buttercream frosting i know u can buy it already made but i made mine from scratch? hope this helps?

01/14/2014 3:43am

I love this cake! I have never done a fondant cackle but I am going to attempt it with a friend, I have a couple questions though. I could only find 10x2 and 8x2 pans will that will work? And how much fondant would you recommend buying for everything? I was going to buy the Wilton's rolled green and then a small package of white for the other stuff. Think that will work? Sorry I've never done this before but my almost 4 year old has to have this cake he said haha

Krystel @ Homespooled
01/14/2014 8:08am

Hi Briana, I don't think you'll have enough green to cover the cake if you buy the pre-rolled Wilton stuff. A single pkg usually covers an 8", 2 layer cake. So you would probably need close to 2 of them to cover your cake. What I would do is buy the Wilton 5lb pack of fondant:

And then a couple of little jars of green gel colour:

In the 5lb box, there are two 2.5lb pkgs. You will need a full one for sure, maybe even 1/4 of the second. But you'll definitely have plenty of white fondant left to make the other details of the cake. Hope that helps!

Leigh French
01/14/2014 8:42am

Can you advise how much green fondant you used?

I am planning on buying the pre coloured fondant and i am wondering how much to buy, thanks :)

Krystel @ Homespooled
01/14/2014 8:48am

Hi Leigh, it depends on the size of your layers, and what company you are purchasing from for the fondant. Wilton pre-coloured fondant is to cover an 8" - 2 layer cake. So that would not be enough to make this cake, you would likely need 2 pkgs. Or, please see the reply I left for Briana this morning just above your comment :) Thanks!

02/10/2014 3:27pm

I am attempting this cake for my son on wed night hope all goes well i am dying to see his face when he gets it, the step by step guide you have posted is brilliant thanks

Krystel @ Homespooled
02/11/2014 2:05pm

Good luck! I'm sure it'll turn out great :)

02/10/2014 7:04pm

I made this today for my 11-yr-old, and he loves it! Thank you for the awesome idea, and I am even more grateful for the step by step instructions.

Krystel @ Homespooled
02/11/2014 2:06pm

That's great! I'm glad it turned out well! :)

04/09/2014 2:37am

Thanks for step by step excited to attempt this..One question...can this cake be made in advance? Like1-2 days before

Krystel @ Homespooled
04/09/2014 6:42am

It will for sure! Even 3 days you'd be fine. The fondant helps to seal in the moisture of the cake. You'll be eating it for days even after that (if there's any left!). If your cake seems dry right after baking it, or you want to play it extra safe, you can always whip up some simple syrup and spread some over each cake layer before you ice it. I've done it many times. Makes for a super moist cake :)

Krystel @Homespooled
04/09/2014 6:43am

** It CAN for sure :)

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