I make lists for everything, at work and at home.  My main list is simply titled "To do" and is always saved on my little R2-D2 usb drive.  I often add timelines to certain tasks, and sometimes make a separate to-do list of things that need to be done that week.  One thing that has been on my list since November was to organize my yarn.  Well, I finally did it. 
I wish I had taken more photos of my yarn in its disorganized state to show you as before pictures, but all I have is this snapshot (right) of a very tiny portion of it.  The rest was in boxes and bins, in the bottom of closets, in cupboards in my laundry room, even in my garage.  There was no organization to it at all, so you can imagine my frustration when I would be looking for a certain type, knowing that I must have it, but simply unable to find it.

I knew what I had to do.  I just didn't know how long it would take.  I knew I had to do it when the kids weren't around because this wouldn't be the type of project you can put on pause once you've started.

So on Sunday, 2 weeks ago, after the kids left for their dad's place,  I gathered up all my yarn and lugged it upstairs to my living room.  I found myself a spot in the middle of it all, put some original series Star Trek on the tube, and got to it.
On Day 3 of Operation: Yarn, I finally saw hope.  The end was near.  I had first separated all of my yarn by weight: fine, worsted & bulky (I wasn't about to go into categories like sport, dk, super bulky, etc.).   Then for each weight of yarn, I sorted it all by colour.  This left for many small piles all over the living room. (Many of which are behind where Señor was standing to take the photo picture above.)

In a separate pile, I had all of the balls of yarn that I am keeping for larger or special projects.  This included the more pricey skeins and anything that I had A LOT of in the exact same colour/dye lot.

It was finally time to box everything up.  I found boxes and bins and pails and I stored all of my wonderfully organized yarn in them keeping them separated by weight & colour.  They now all fit neatly stacked in the closet of my spare room, adorned with ugly but very practical masking tape labels :) Mission: complete.
During this time, Señor was busy doing prep work and correction for his classes so he pretty much stayed in the bedroom the whole first night.

On Day 2 of Operation: Yarn, Señor ventured out of the bedroom to find me sitting in the middle of a few piles (pictured: left).  He burst out laughing and ran to get the camera, which is the only reason why I have a photo of the "in progress" to show you.  I was so determined to finish on Day 2, there was no way I was stopping to pick up my camera. (Yes, that's a bowl of candy canes on the coffee table.  I'll stop for a candy cane...)


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