You all know how much I like making cake.  And soup.  But I'm not about to start a soup site (...or maybe I should?) so I started a cake site!!  It's called Sudbury Vegan Sweets.

I've been very busy over the last few weeks getting it all together.  And busy in the meantime making a few more cakes.  I made another suitcase cake for a retirement party. But this time, I hand painted stickers on the cake instead of flags, using edible ink markers.
Then my little middle guy turned 6! SIX!!!! Craziness... He insisted on a vanilla flavoured Angry Birds cake, so that's what he got.  Oh, and you know my friend Brandon?  He shall henceforth be known as sous-chef Brandon! That's right, I got me a sous-chef.  He's pretty talented.  He made those little green piggies right there.
Then my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, to be, hosted their Stag 'n Doe, casino style!  I asked them if I could make them a cake for it and they chose a design on-line for me to replicate, with a few adjustments.  The playing cards are made with fondant.  Once again, I whipped out my seldom-used drawing skills and used edible ink markers to free-hand the designs on them.  That's right, I eye-balled that shit. (Poker chips courtesy of sous-chef Brandon)
At the Stag 'n Doe, I was told that someone, sadly, dropped their piece of cake.  But, since it was SO good, they ate it off the floor! Ha! 

Of course, I've been busy making cupcakes and non-fondant cakes too...
So check out the new site, and don't forget to go like the Facebook page!  I will have a giveaway once I reach 100 likes.  And even if you are not from the Sudbury area, like the page anyway so that you can see more photos of work in progress and completed treats to use for inspiration or just to ogle.


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