Have I ever told you guys how much I love Harry Potter?  A lot.  But I do have a friend who's a little more Potterific than I.  Her name is Mel.  And Mel is going to have a baby soon!!  

Months ago, I stumbled across Julie's Blog and her post: Harry Potter and the Quiet Book.  I immediately thought of a newly pregnant Mel and how much she would love it, so I posted it to her Facebook wall as a little teaser.  I didn't think at that time that I would actually make it.  I didn't realize that I could!  When I found that the pattern is available for purchase on Etsy, I resolved to make it for her and give it to her at her baby shower.  Since I figured I would have plenty of time and the shower hadn't even been announced yet, I put it in the back of my mind.

Then the date for the shower was set.  I had a month and a half.  Plenty of time. (yeah right)  With tons more on my plate, I decided to procrastinate on the HP Quiet Book and not start it until the Monday before the shower.  That's right...I gave myself 5 ½ days.  Well let me tell you, if anyone who is reading this plans to make this book as a present and has a deadline, give yourself more than 5 ½ days!!! 

I have to say that after making this book, I am in awe of this Julie person.  Not only is this book extremely creative and well done, the time she put into every single detail is astounding.  It must have taken her FOREVER to make hers!!  Me? Well, I cut a few corners.  Hand embroidering an outline on each character's face, hair, suit, etc. didn't appeal to me.  There were a few steps that I deemed unnecessary for my version and stuck to my gun (my glue gun that is) in my resolve.  I used my sewing machine as often as I could and only hand embroidered where I thought it would take away from the look otherwise.  Where Julie suggested doubling up on the felt pieces, I would sometimes follow suit, and sometimes not.  I constructed before work, on my lunch hour, after work till 3 am and then again and again, all the while cutting some time-saving corners.  I laughed, I cried, and after approximately 40 hours of fast-paced crafting, I completed Mel's gift a mere 1 hour before the start of her baby shower!

Without further ado, I present to you all my version of Harry Potter and the Quiet Book:
As you can see from the photos below, the book is pretty thick.  Once I stacked all the pages and realized that it was unlikely they would all fit on the suggested 2" binder rings, I got a little panicky.  Especially since at this point, it was go time.  Somehow though, they fit (kind of) and the book looked pretty great.
It was very well received and was passed around for all to admire.  And even though I made it for the coming addition to Mel's little family, I know she will play with it more than anyone!! (Pfft, I knew that all along.)


08/07/2013 7:49pm

The baby and I couldn't be luckier to have such a special, thoughtful gift. This book is truly amazing (entertaining for a little one, colourful, interesting, fun, and extremely detailed). There's an activity on every page, and anyone who has read or seen the Harry Potter series will appreciate each section. Even for non-Potter fans, you'll still appreciate the creativity of this book.

08/30/2013 5:43pm

Omg ... That it's so cute ...Omg


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